Jill Stein and Ken Selcer
  1. Viagra tablets for sale in australia
  2. Dancin' 4:31
  3. Zithromax to buy uk 6:20
  4. Friends of the Earth 4:55
  5. One More Time 3:50
  6. Somalia 5:33
  7. As You Find It 5:17
  8. Kansas Blues 6:09
  9. Flashpoint 4:23
  10. Sisters 4:30
  11. Across the Heavens 4:42
  12. Why Not 3:48

Produced by Ken Selcer and Jill Stein
Additional Production assistance by Chris Billias
Engineered by Eric 'Huck' Bennert, Ken Selcer,
Eric Kilburn
and Jill Stein
Mixed by Eric 'Huck' Bennert
Recorded at Wellspring Sound, Newton & Concord, MA, 6/92-8/93
Mastered by Michael Bierylo at Soundworks, Watertown, MA
Design and layout by James Cunningham
Photography by Debi Milligan

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